Monday, June 18, 2012


Hey family,

Well it was a week for us.  It was a week of trials.  We ran into every drunk person you can imagine here.  I don´t know why but it was annoying as all get out.  They wouldn´t leave us alone.  But hopefully this week will have more success.  
We did have a baptism this week!  That was a blessing.  Makes things a lot better when you can help people out to that point.  Its even better when you can go back and see them firm in the church after a bunch of time away from the area.  
Today we had a activity with the zone.  We played soccer.  Wow it just made me depressed.  I´m so out of shape and sore now.  I´m going to have to do so much to get back into shape when I get home.  But it will be a good thing.  I´m tired of being out of shape.  I got super sunburned as well today.  I even used sunscreen but it has been overcast for a long time so i´m getting white again.  Today was sunny and hot so i just burnt with the sunscreen and all.  
So this last week I did a division with elders in my district.  Wow am I thankful for my area.  Their area is horrible.  It only has stairs and hills.  I´m glad finally for the flat area.  My knees can´t handle the up and down much more.  They needed a break and i´m getting it now.  It was nice though to see another area and new people.  Its crazy how the areas change so much when we are only 15 minutes away by bus.  But it was a completely different atmosphere.  The people were a lot different.  

  I know what you mean Dad.  I´m running out of things to say as well.  I do the same thing every week so I forget what to say that will be worth reading.  Haha...oh well.  I still love reading your emails even when its just random things that happened.
Love and miss you all,

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