Monday, June 11, 2012


Hey Family,
Wow Moscow weather is really messed up.  It has been cold here as well....low 70´s high 60´s.  So not all that cold.  It´s actually quite nice now that i´ve gotten used to it.  When I first got here I was freezing.  But now i´m liking it.  My friend in the south of Brazil said that it was 28 degrees in his area this last week!  Thats cold and humid cold is the worse.  But it happens.
  I´m still blown away that Brianne will be getting married here in 2 months and a couple weeks....haha.  Its so weird to me.  But its also cool.  It gives me an excuse to go to the temple and I really want to go back.  It has been way to long for me.  So we saw the Manaus temple dedications.  It was super good.  The translator is very good at translating english to portuguese but it was still good because I understand English.  Also we saw the cultural celbration.  I was super disappointed.  I was hoping that it would be some huge cool event and it was lame.  But oh well...we don´t always get what we want in life.  
Sis and Presidnet Vecchi leave the 29th of this month.  So i´ll just have the other president for 6 weeks.  Actually the son of the other President served here in this mission 6 months ago he finished.  He was a good missionary.  I knew him a little bit.  
So last week I was trying to save those pictures to my memory card and in the end it ended up deleting all of my pictures.  At first I thought that i´d lost 2 years of pictures but then my companion was like there is this program that can recover the pictures!  And it good news i still have my pictures.  But haven´t sent any to you guys because I still need to finish using the program.
So we have a few people that are progressing really well.  They know that the church is true.  We just are teaching the last stuff to them and they will be baptised in 2 weeks.  We should have 2 baptisms this week.  I´m hoping...just depends if they don´t travel.  So we will see.  But it is good.  We are making progress.

Well I love and miss you all.

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