Monday, July 30, 2012


Hey family,

Wow so it was a crazy week.  So my comp actually didn´t have dengue which was good, he just had a really bad virus but by Wednesday we were working strong.   We had a first on the mission!  A baptism the next day and then sunday....we went looking for people to go to church.  The first 5 people that we stopped by didn´t want to go or weren´t home.  So we were starting to get a little down and then at the last moment things started to work out.  We ended up having 16 people in church!  I´ve never had more than 5 so that was a huge blessing.  We are excited about what could happen this next 2 weeks.  We are going to try and do some big stuff here.  But we will see what God has in store for us.  But its cool to see the results come from the work.  We just have to keep going strong and finding the people that want something.  Then it will be easy.
Man that is crazy that everyone is getting married here in the ward.  Well I guess that is a good thing.  Means that the Prophets advice is being used.  Haha.  Also makes me feel old.  But oh well.
The mission been a crazy experience for me.  Actually it doesn´t feel like it will end in 2 weeks.  Because nothing changes here.  Its the same work everyday.  But i´ve changed I know that...that has also made the end of the mission scary.  Will it be the same back home....will people accept me how I am now?  But its also a good thing.  I have grown a lot in my testimony about the gospel.  Also i´ve seen where i´m weak in the gospel.  All of these things have been brought into a bigger light.  I see why we need the gospel here on the earth.  The gospel doesn´t need us...we need it to return to the presence of God.  It is the only way.  We can´t do it alone or without the saving ordenances that are so needed for our progression here on the earth.  Testifying about the truth of the Book of Mormon has come to show me how true it is.  Really all we do it enter and tell people that hey we have this awesome test you can do.  Read a part in this book, think about it, and then ask God if it´s true!  Its so simple and its sad when people wont even do that.  The simple things confound the learned or prideful.  I know that its true because everytime one of our investigators askes God if the Book of Mormon is true I feel it in my heart as well that it is true.  Its an undeniable peace and warmth.  Its all true....the people just aren´t.  And if we can overlook that part we have a chance a big chance to getting what we all live with God again!  I know the church is true and that it helps us.  That God has a plan for us all and that all we have to do is trust in that plan.  We are here to have joy!  The gospel is joy. In the name of Jesus Christ amen

Well I love you all....Garrett

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