Monday, July 16, 2012


Hey family!

Well things have didn´t work out.  I was emergency transfered to a new area.  It got to the point that he was like I don´t want to be here and i´m not going to help with any decision making.  So I was like well then lets talk to President.  We did and I ended up leaving.  Oh well its better.  I like my new area.  The ward is so much better.  There are members that help and we have lunch everyday!  I´m so happy about that.  It was rough not having lunch all the time.  I´ll be able to gain some weight again.  I´m getting unhealthy.  My new comp is also happy with the new change.  He was like you can actually teach me something.  I´ll do my best to help him out.  He is a complete nerd...its all good though.  He likes to talk all the time so thats better than never talking I guess.  But the ward is awesome so thats all that matters.  We were able to get some good numbers in just 3 days that i´ve been here.   Oh so i´m in Itabuna Fátima ward.  Its close to my other area.  It is just another city.  Its a lot hotter here.  So I guess thats a good thing.  I´ll be used to the heat again. 

Well thats cool that the fence is almost done.  It will be a lot different having a fence in the back now.  I´m excited about that.  Jury duty.  That´s never fun.  Hopefully it is a fast case.  I forgot about those types of situations.  I´m going to go into shock coming home.  I`m almost certain of it.  I`m so used to strange things.  Flavela and 3rd world living standards.  It will be so messed up to go back to American standards.  Hopefully its an easy transfer....haha. 

Well i´m doing well here.  And 4 weeks and i´ll be home. That seems unreal and doesn´t seem like it will really happen but i´m excited to see everyone again!
Love and miss you all,

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