Monday, July 23, 2012


Hey family,
Wow another week went by.  This was a pretty good week.  Started really well.  We had a lot of success and were finding a lot of people.  The only bad thing is the end of the week we didn´t have that many people in church.  But its still all good.  We should have a few baptisms this week and at least one until the end of the mission.  At least that is our goal.   Things are a lot better here...i´m happier.  It isn´t always easy.  My companion and I don´t always agree but we are able to talk and get things done so its a working relationship.  The only problem is he got dengue.  Its a sickness that you get from masquitos.  Its really bad and knocks you down.  He still wants to work so it shouldn´t hold us back too much.  But we will see. 
So a crazy thing happened.  There used to be sister missionaries as well here but they are being transfered out.  So everyone in their group we will have including the baptisms.  So that will be cool.  We will just add to our group and in the end we should baptise a lot.  If everything works out then we will be super busy. 
So they had a talent show here.  And there were like 3 skits that little girls did belly dancing stuff.  I was like this is so inappropriate.  I felt like an old person watching it though because I just felt so uncomfortable.  I`m like this is a church activity and this shouldn´t be happening.  But the last skit was so good.  It was a Michael Jackson skit.  The kids that did it could dance so well and they dressed up really cool.  It was awesome.  So in the end it turned out well.
Well I hope that its a great week for you all. 
Love you all,

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