Monday, July 2, 2012


Hey family!
Wow so i don´t know where to start.  I think i´ll just start with the good the releif that I received to know that i´ve got a job!  That is nice.  The bad part.  My new companion.  He got here and just wasn´t showing desire.  He doesn´t talk to the members almost at all or to anyone for the matter.  Turns out he had problems with his knee and was in rehab for the last 2 months and President gave him the choice try and stay or go home.  He is still on the doubt about it.  I lost my cool a little and said some stuff I shouldn´t have.  I don´t know if I´ve got it in me to help another missionary seems like thats all I´ve gotten on the mission.  But i´m giong to try harder.  I want to end the mission well...i was just hoping to stay with my other comp because he wanted to stay and had desire.  I guess we don´t always get what we want.  It helps us grow.  Thats all the mission is...growth.  I guess I needed more that other people. 
But I do agree with what you said about leave the past in the past with my old comp.  We are actually on good terms.  He talked really well about our work together. He was like we baptised everyone that you and I found together.  His comp was a huge slacker.  I´m happy that they baptised the group the we left there, I just wish that I could have seen it happen as well. 
Today we played soccer.  It was fun....i played a lot better today so that was a plus.  Its always the worst when you suck it up.  I´m super sore though.  I´m so out of shape.  I´m trying to do what I can to get kind of back into it.  Jump roping and such.  Its better than nothing. 
Happy Birthday Dad!  You´re only as old as you feel.  When I show my pictures to people they are like your parents are so young!  So that should make you feel good.  Especially since everyone here has 3 kids by the age of 17.  So you are really young.
It has been super cold here these last few nights.  I´m almost dying.  I have to sleep with socks on at night!  I´ve never done that in my life.
Oh so yesterday of all days...we help a member moves some stuff.  Well because we are in Brasil no one has a car so we walked stuff from one house to another.  It was horrible.  It sucks to move in the first place and worse when you walk a half a mile to the other house with a couch or stuff.  Oh well...its the last time I do anything like that.
Well I love and miss you all.  But these last few weeks should go by pretty fast.


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